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a12d24bb-a879-4f73-9f7b-9d780665bfc6New Project: I have started working on my first graphic novel. For all you folks who don’t know what that is, it’s a long-form comic book. It is exciting & daunting. I feel the five comics & zines as well as the numerous contemporary art projects I have worked on the last few years have ripened me to embark on this next step. I’m currently finishing up my research & development phase & moving into outlines & storyboards.

I may disappear for a while. I’m also planning on soonish going back to a landline- getting rid of my mobile & computer. Radical, I know. But I’m much happier without technology & will do stuff on friends or libraries devices if need & yes, I pay someone to help me with this stuff weekly.

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I’m also being interviewed on Bay FM next Thursday 4th April 9:30 a.m. 99.9 FM with Karena Wynn-Moylan. Tune-in!

Love Holly xx Photo: Holly, Summer 2019, Broken Head by Scott Radie

Here’s me all Wuthering Heights up at the Tweed Regional Gallery checking out the ‘Self-Made: Zines & Artist Books’ exhibition. You’ll find my work in the reading lounge within the exhibition. It all looks amazing! On until 19th May. IMG_20190302_101244_328

New Comic Stockist


My three comics are now at Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina.