Comic & Zine Publications

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I Don’t Need To Have A Baby (2019)

An 8-page petite zine about Holly’s personal revolution from her lifelong dream of having a family to being content and liberated without one. Neither for or against motherhood, this zine urges for a universal acceptance and respect of all women, regardless of child or partner status.

Grace (2019)

Grace is the story of Holly’s maternal grandmother and her journey with chronic pain, suicide and the subsequent impact on her family. A tragic-comic-memoir. Black & White, A5, 24 page. Shortlisted for the Broken Pencil International Zine Awards, 2020 (comic section).

The Jesus Guy (2019)

Delivered in Holly’s signature style of heart, humour & bone-raw honesty ‘The Jesus Guy’ is a mini-comic that chronicles how a short-lived relationship can have a lifetime affect.  Four page, colour A5 booklet.

Octopus & Lamb (2018)

An 8 page, A4 black & white comic about animal rights; delivered in an intimate, accessible and sometimes humorous way. Shortlisted for the Broken Pencil International Zine Awards, 2019 (comic section).

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Curious Places I’ve Made Love (2018)

An 8-page petite zine of Holly’s sometimes extraordinary love-making experiences. Hand-drawn, hand-painted and photocopied at the local library, this adult-themed zine is truly ‘wildcrafted’.

‘This is really out there’- Walt.

‘She is the Anais Nin of Comics’ – Sarah.

‘Holly has too much time on her hands’ – ex-lover.

The Book Of Wonder (2017)

‘The Book of Wonder’ is a collection of comics, short stories, funny anecdotes and heartfelt drawings. A 20 page, colour A4 book.

Byron Bay, A Time and Place  (2017)

Shortlisted for Ledger Award- Australian Comics Award, 2018.

‘Byron Bay, a Time and Place’ is a comic about Byron Bay in the early 90’s. Holly arrives as a teenager and falls in love with a person and a place. However, Holly learns that even in paradise, life can be painful. A 12 page, A4 comic.