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July 2021

NEW-Birds & Bees Cards

Set of four cards & envelopes printed on 100% recycled paper, printed in Bangalow, NSW.

Blue-banded Bee, North American Bumblebee, Eastern Barn Owl & Tawny Frogmouth.

Pre-order on the SHOP page. Also will be available from selected retail outlets across the Northern Rivers, NSW.

July 2021

An anti-maskers in Sydney’s Covid lockdown protest their right to be “freedom keepers”, that their cause is “human rights”, forgetting that human rights takes care of the welfare of the greater community, their vulnerable citizens & health care. These “freedom keepers” don’t know what freedom means.

Privileged beyond understanding, they should know the difference between human privilege and human rights abuse:

Try being an Afghani woman or girl under Taliban oppression. Now that’s an abuse of human rights. eg The Taliban rulings regarding public conduct place severe restrictions on a woman’s freedom of movement and creates difficulties for those who cannot afford a burqa or do not have any mahram. These women face virtual house arrest. A woman who was badly beaten by the Taliban for walking the streets alone stated “my father was killed in battle…I have no husband, no brother, no son. How am I to live if I can’t go out alone?”

THIS is human rights abuse, and the tip of the iceberg if you look at what happens in so many other countries to so many other people. We are SO LUCKY in Australia👍

Mask up during a pandemic Peoples. It’s not a big deal.

Think of it like a dust storm at Burning Man. Easy.❤️

For more information on the plight of Afghan women under Taliban oppression go to: