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Here is my new 2023 web-comic.

My year at a private art school was a big investment for me- financially and physically.

I worked so hard, only to be extremely perplexed and confused by a fellow student’s behaviour, who was also the teacher’s pet.

We had no HR at the school and the other students in my class were as equally frustrated as I was with the experience.

It is a story of our modern culture of ‘coolness’, trends in the art world, how being young and beautiful can get you further than you may expect as well as the pain of unacknowledged efforts.

I am aware this is a tale of privilege; to live in Australia and have the good fortune as a woman to even go to art school.

I had my doubts about the ethics of writing this type of comic rather than something more important.

However, I considered the need of light comic (pardon the pun) relief in this world. I think most people can relate to this situation too – where there is a situation of favouritism – at school, in the workplace or elsewhere.

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