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Holly does not have a mobile phone (only landline), or a computer and is not on social media.  Additionally, she check her emails only two or three times a week, so please forgive any delay with response or orders, she will get back to you asap.


Holly lives in Suffolk Park, Byron Bay, Australia.

Holly worked in the performing arts and screen industry until a car accident changed her life  at age 28. She developed an arts practice and in 2018 was short-listed for the Ledger Awards (Australian Comics Award) with her comic ‘Byron Bay, a Time and Place’.

She has made three other comics (Grace, Octopus & Lamb, The Jesus Guy) and two zines (The Book of Wonder, Curious Places I’ve Made Love).

Holly is currently working on her first graphic novel. She also enjoys figure drawing, film photography and cartooning.


photo: timothy dell.