photos from way back when.

Butoh shots when we lived at sunrise near the bamboo grove (pics by dorian dray, developed in ona’s darkroom), shirley lane party (me with black hair and isla all young), lismore bleached hair with glenda when i was at ‘the con’ and dressing up was a daily affair, surfing at wategoes, and high school with allen, joel and amanda. we had a great silly time in school.

new comic: ‘Grace’

Grace is the story of Holly’s maternal grandmother and her journey of chronic pain. This is a chapter of the graphic novel Holly is working on about chronic pain, suicide, healing and hope (released 2020). 
Chronic pain (and chronic illness) are largely invisible – not only physically, but on many levels in society. Sharing her own, others and historical figures experience (eg Frida Kahlo), Holly aims to shed light on this often misunderstood and stigmatized condition. She also hopes this graphic novel will be a guide and support to those (and their loved ones) navigating health, healing, the medical system, therapists, annoying self-help gurus and blamers (‘you’ve created this’), and gently learn to accept the unacceptable. In a world that worships independence, ambition and status, pain teaches us what truly is of value.

A tragic-comic-memoir. Black & White, A5, 24 page ($10).